Condo or House? Which one is right for you?

I have lived in a condo as well as a single family home, and I loved aspects of both. I love the privacy of our current home, but definitely miss the maintenance-free exterior of my condo when our oak trees lose their leaves in the fall. I have been showing fantastic houses and condos here in Cedar Rapids in the past week – whatever your decision, you can’t go wrong!

Here are some things to think about when making your home vs. condo decision from the Home Notes and Lifestyle blog.

Home Notes and Lifestyles

There are almost as many reasons home buyers choose a house over a condominium as there are homeowners. But there are always a lot of variables to take into consideration before you decide which is right for you.

And before you start thinking that condo’s only exist in apartment or townhouse style communities, think again. There are also a number of single family condo’s out there that have the advantages of condo living as well as single family home living. Which one you prefer depends on your family’s lifestyle.

But first let’s look briefly at condo’s and the advantages/disadvantages of condo ownership.

Condo ownership usually means you only own the airspace in the condo, unless, of course it’s a single family home condo. The building is common area. Your insurance policy will reflect this as well.

You pay a monthly condo fee, which typically includes grounds maintenance, trash removal, sometimes…

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